Writing acceptable laboratory work

RSU related topics

Viscosity lab work theoretical part. Explains velocity gradient, shear stress. Good shematics.
Surface tension with emphasizing pulmonary surfactants. Example in medicine
Osmosis and osmotic pressure What does it mean blood has 8 atm osmotic pressure?

Forced oscillations. Why does not amplitude increases infinitely

Geometry and inertia of human body

Thermodynamics.  Complexly written but fully explained.

Electrostatics and Electrodynamics
Thermocouple - electric thermometer - thermocouple explanation in atomic level.
Electrotherapy explained - fantastic material explaining current types, nerve stimulation, physiological effects, therapeutic uses, principles of application (electrodes, current flow in the tissue, etc), applications and safety.
The sixth sense - electroreception - the ability to detect the electric field.
Behind the defibrillation - what does "adding 5 joules" mean in the context of defibrillation? Here more info
How do magnets work? - Briefly explained effect of magnets. From quantum to domain point of view.
Maxwell`s equations - Simplified look on Maxwell`s equations and vector mathematics.


Quantum mechanics
Simply about quantum physics - All most important basics about quantum physics
Humans also have a wavelength - insight in particle duality
Quantum mechanics and the multiverse - book chapter. nature of waves and nature of light

Radioactivity and ionizing radiation
The most radioactive places on earth - usage of Geiger counter

Luminescence, fluorescence and phosphorescence - youtube video.
The human body is the ultimate physics laboratory - the video from the very first (introductory) class.

Popular science
The elegant universe. 

Part1 - Einsteins dream. Incompatibility of Einstein`s theory of general relativity with quantum mechanics.
Part2 - Strings the Thing. The Dilemma of Space, Time, and the Quanta.
Part3 - Welcome to the 11th dimension. Superstring theory in details.

Minute labs
Einsteins E=mc^2 mass-energy scale.
The scale of the universe

Useful stuff
Online LaTeX creator

Lecture 1 in medical physics

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