arpeggiator and 8bit

Usually in good synths has builtin arpeggiator and there`s no need for seperate VST plugin for that, but if synth is as asketic as possible, then sometimes this tip could be useful.

One cool way, how to get nintendocore 8 bit sound through VST is using midi arpeggiator VST before VSTi synth. 

Here all midi input notes are coming to arpimedes and this sequences played notes one after another and pass to chip32 synth.

If arpeggiator speed is very fast and plugin itself is brand with correct timing, loop and doesn`t change sound or loose midi messages, then effect is guaranteed.


remove the navbar

And the last thing what I wanted to do tonight is to remove that ugly blogspot navbar in top of hompeage.


#navbar-iframe {
display: none !important;

into your blog html editor

found it here



Solution how to find latitude and longitude using google maps is here, if you haven`t google earth ->


Homepage is using not very complicated OOP based javascript to find parameters, centering the map as the pointer is in the true center thus giving the true coordinats of pointer, and calculates from decimal (default in google maps) to degrees.



Now i have blog. What`s next?

I should write something here, shouldn`t I?


Once I had a blog, where i wrote in my native language, but it`s so weird that i blogged, when i had job. But now, when i quitted it, there`s no time for blogging, hah.