Sharing more than one main folder in Dropbox?

No. I haven`t found how to do that.

But why would anybody do that? Does it make any sense? Why it is not enough with only one main Dropbox folder?

There are some cases related with programming, when it is easier to have all scripts in some specific place, e.g. C:/scripts, instead of some complicated Dropbox folder path like C:/Documents and Settings/whatever/user/space in folder/name creates problems/Dropbox/specific folder for scripts/any programming language/scripts...

But how about duplicating the contents in the main Dropbox folder? You can still work in your C:/scripts, and all updates will be synced in your specific folder inside Dropbox main folder.

Synchronising between folders. That`s the key. DSynchronize.

Features include - real time sync and bidirectional sync.