google maps and proj4js. movable marker

Another script which combines proj4js and google maps together. This one gets coordinates from one system (EPSG:25884) which are generated in input boxes (and if there is none or wrong format, gives default values), converts to wgs84 lat/long and sets a movable marker on the google maps. As the user is moving marker, it defines the new center of the map after the user releases it and the new coordinates has been calculated back from lat/long to epsg:25884 and putted in the text box.


Linear interpolator script

Mostly measured data in databases are defined in exact time or date. But sometimes it is necessary to interpolate between different dates because of skipped measurements. For example, in earlier times, groundwater level measurements were made "by hand" after every three to seven days, depending of site and monitoring type. But nowadays groundwater has been monitored using different loggers, which are called - divers. These little gadgets gives possibility to get daily data.

The problem is that working with daily measurements and not taking care about skipped days, statistical weights could be different from the case, when in these skipped days the measurements are  interpolated.

I made a little script, where measurements and their corresponding dates are taken from mySQL database using PHP; and in the database there could be only measured data - this script interpolates the missing values.


Yesterday I had The possibility to fly as a passenger in motor-deltaplane.
The feeling is great. All the time. Taking off, curves with feeling of falling, like not moving forward but.. rotating downward. The feeling was so strong and impressive, that I have almost forgotten the scenery. But maybe it is becouse of increased epinephrine release.

From now on I am looking for sponsorship and donations which could cover the costs of getting the PPL (personal pilot licence).

If my dream will come true in the future, I promise to support the science with my gained experience in every possible way.


Ryanair B738, flight FR-8085 incident

Landing gear problem.

Simon Hradecky writes in the Aviation Herald:

A Ryanair Boeing 737-800, registration EI-DWT performing flight FR-8085 from Brussels Charleroi (Belgium) to Riga (Latvia), was on approach to Riga when the crew reported a gear unsafe indication, performed a low approach which confirmed one of the main gear struts was not down. The aircraft climbed back to 6000 feet and entered a holding to trouble shoot the problem. About 45 minutes after aborting the first approach the crew managed to lower and lock all gear and landed safely on Riga's runway 18.
Riga Airport reported that there were already considerations to have the aircraft ditch in the Gulf of Riga just north of the aerodrome.
Latvia's Directorate General of Civil Aviation confirmed the aircraft had a problem with the landing gear. The aircraft subsequently entered a holding area to work the problem, then performed another overflight (according to radar data at 2500 feet MSL) for another visual check by experts from the ground which confirmed all gear had reached the fully down position and commenced a safe landing immediately thereafter.

Media (www.apollo.lv) reports unusual pilot activities asking for passengers to pray God.

Digging in the internet it seems that mostly there are no fatalities in landing gear accidents. So, the most interesting question here is why there were some profesional thoughts about ditching in the sea...

And here is that baby

This is my favorite comment from avherald:

Combine the vivid imagination and crap english knowledge of people flying once in 2-3 years and that is what you get when you interview them. You could also tell that a moon landing was considered.. :)

1) Final announcement about landing was made on approach which is over the gulf - here you have ditching.

2) At some moment passengers were asked to assume brace position. To some "brace" may sound like "pray". The position itself sparks some associations - here's the praying part. 


Puma vs Firefox

No. This is not THAT Puma brand. This is European funded science project.

Doesn`t it look familiar..? orange circle with blue inside