what else google can do?

I wanted to see weather forecast for Milano, and I though, using google I`ll be able to find some weather forecasting homepage... But google did it quicker and gave me forecast directly.
Wanna try? Write in the google search textbox weather city name and you`ll get direct forecast for chosen city. Nice, isn`t it?



sci-fi and uni-paperworks

I was doing my geo-report and was looking some info about Thomas Malthus, and i found some forgotten characters from "Lost" :D

Latvian wap`edia site

some friends of him looked familiar :D


Preparing to heading west..

My professor took part in EU science project, in France and he`s asking me to go with him. It is quite ok for me right now, because in that way I`ll get some money. The first thing is I have to save as much as i can. So the possibilities are Ryanair, EasyJet, rideshare, hitchhiking. I`ll have one extra bag, so hitchhiking seems difficult, but still possible.
1)I found cheap Ryanair ticket to Milano. Got it for 38.60 Eur
2)I found Eurolines from Milano to Lyon. Got it for 46.50 Eur
3)I found train ticket from Lyon to Clermont-Ferrand. Got it for 30.20 Eur
Total cost in one direction - 115.30 Eur
This is cheaper and much more fun than flying from Riga to Paris by airBaltic and paying ~180 Euros, and more 75 euros for train from Paris to Clermont-Ferrand...

But now i`ve dillemma about how to come back... have to think about it heavily, and get one important view.

wasn`t so easy with last one...