My garage
JQuery/php/sqlite based service which I use to sell stuff from my garage. With admin panel

Color of your Latvian phone number
JQuery based mathematics which converts 8 digits long telephone number to RGB+alpha value.

Choir song database
JQuery/php/sqlite based database for choir songs. Relative advanced search, multiple tagging.

Salary bonus calculator
JQuery based charts and mathematics for finding bonus value based on regression equation.

Greenhouse gas emission calculator
JQuery based mathematics for greenhouse gas emission calculations in farming.

Crochet it for me (discontinued)
JQuery/php based app which allows to create custom design necklace and order it

Text mashup
JQuery based app - changes characters within the words leaving first and last character intact

Wedding invitation
JQuery based scrolling image

Artists`s Homepage (discontinued, 2008)
First try in JQuery back in 2008.

Another Artist`s Homepage (discontinued, 2008)
Simple 1 1/2 hour work for a friend

Another Artist`s Homepage (discontinued, 2011)
Simple php work for a grandmother.

Guess the numberS game (OOP version)
PHP based app. Choose how many numbers you want to guess and guess them!

Freelance job portal (unfinished, 2013, got lost, too huge idea for me alone)
JQuery/PHP/SQLite webpage. Originally idea was to create a freelance job portal for both - employers and employees. Started to work at it, got lost during the process. Wrong concepts, too less workpower to finish the project alone.

Item selling portal (unfinished, 2013, based on Backbone and REST, too huge for me alone)
JQuery(Backbone)/PHP based app. Original idea - to create a photolist with description. Selling purposes. Idea went too large to hold it alone.