Percentiator - download 

Easy way how to deal with percent calculation if we want to find original value from which these percents were taken off or added.

ColorMapper for QGIS - download

Small tool which creates text file defining - classifying values by colormap.

Time difference calculator v.1 - download

Returns time in decimal hours between two given times.

Time difference calculator v.2 - download

Returns time in decimal hours and salary based on time and hourly rate. Direct copy paste to datagrid is possible for fast work.

Signal generator v.3 - download

Generates the sine signal with certain frequency. 


Super Mario VSTi sampler v.3 - download

Includes theme song parts from Nintendo NES game "Super Mario", tones, effects and percussion sounds.

chipNoise VSTi sampler v.1 - download

Sample taken from Nintendo NES game "Battle City" - noise profile from tank. Looped and stretched along 8 octaves.

LFO midi parametriser - download

LFO midi parametriser. Synchronized low frequency oscillation of chosen VST parameter through midi CC.

Double8bit chiptunes synthesizer - download

Wavetable synthesizer with wavetabled LFO.

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