hibernating vs heavy processor load

Windows 7 bug: This night I didnt turned off the computer because of video rendering hoping that it will not shutdown while processing this video.
Waking up this morning i found my computer turned off. Firstly i thought it`s becouse of overheating (yesterday i changed lubricant between heat sinks and processor), but.. windows 7 was gone in hibernate mode by itself, ignoring video rendering. Firstly it was sooo slow.. Maybe to get working all things in virtual memory. But in 5 minutes all went fine.
So the question - is it good, that going to hibernate mode, OS is ignoring background processes, which has heavy processor load.


Dell Latitude d800 and Inspiron 8600

It is so simple to repair these kinda notebooks. All parts are like plug`n`play. And so easy and simple changing them. Even replacing the motherboard seems so simple.
But there`s one bad thing - screws are in different length. And that makes a problem remembering in which part should I use one or another screw length.

next level? fixing notebooks... hahah!


the first lectures in geography masters course. i had heard about SPSS but never used it before. first steps in it and i wonder why in physics-mathematics faculty, in my second course they`re not using it...
i was eating in cafe and heard Kazha`s song. the smile came upon my face and i though, what if my new coursemates would know... :D
it`s very usual for my ph.d. professor to do nothing till the few days to deadline. And then he could work all day and night long. and so i`m involved somehow in his works, it reflects to me too. tonight i had to be in lab till ~1 am... again... it really sucks :D It`s better not to tell him the correct deadlines...


Clean system (triple bootable) - two windows xp`s and windows 7.
Both xp`s are for
  1. live performance;
  2. as workstation.
but windows 7 - for phun.
i was reinstalling both xp`s after setting windows 7, so no surprises that actions like these overwrites master boot sector, and so the windows 7 is not able to boot up.
found nice tool - EasyBCD which helped me to fix that MBR sector.

hard drive is 320Gb size, each system are on seperate partition...
i hate that windows 7 changes drive letters and names.. but for now the drive is splitted in 4 partitions. two for xp`s, one for win7 and all systems has access to another one, where`re all my data.
so if i`d want to work in ableton live, in workstation system i can make what i need, and when i have to play live, i can just load the cleanest live performance system and load the appropriate file.


avoid it

Never ever hitchike from Ostrov to Prague through Brno!
The traffic is so low and the highway is quite new, so there are no parking lots, petrol stations and these places where cars have to pay for highways...
And exits are stupid.