Clean system (triple bootable) - two windows xp`s and windows 7.
Both xp`s are for
  1. live performance;
  2. as workstation.
but windows 7 - for phun.
i was reinstalling both xp`s after setting windows 7, so no surprises that actions like these overwrites master boot sector, and so the windows 7 is not able to boot up.
found nice tool - EasyBCD which helped me to fix that MBR sector.

hard drive is 320Gb size, each system are on seperate partition...
i hate that windows 7 changes drive letters and names.. but for now the drive is splitted in 4 partitions. two for xp`s, one for win7 and all systems has access to another one, where`re all my data.
so if i`d want to work in ableton live, in workstation system i can make what i need, and when i have to play live, i can just load the cleanest live performance system and load the appropriate file.

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