Restoring some old P1 computer

 Got a PC from a friend about year ago. Old, with Intel Pentium 100 processor on the MSI mobo MSI MS-5124 

So it had a problem with accessing a HDD. First thought - dead or going to die HDD. Tested and realized HDD working fine, but not correctly recognized. Swapped cables, tried different other HDDs, but when detecting the HDD, some gibberish on screen instead of HDD model. So, it sounds like a mobo or chipset fault. I even swapped the bios. 

Next thing I tried was some IDE controller cards. But those also without success.

And then I tried SCSI controller with SCSI disk. Well, it worked. SCSI disk size is 36.4 Gb. 

Now transferring the system from Win 98 floppy.

Some notes for me and for future.

To make the disk bootable the system must be transferred from floppy to C disk using the command sys C

The sys.com executable is compressed in the cabinet file ebd.cab and must be extracted. Depends of the Win 98 boot disk. I had to extract it. I extracted all files on formatted C disk and then copied sys.com back to A disk and then ran the sys C. Most likely this could be done directly by extracting sys file to A disk, instead of C disk.

Things I used fo avoid floppy nightmare - Gotek floppy emulator (multiple floppy images on usb flash) https://www.gotekemulator.com/

Things to do next - have to get all Win95 floppy disk images, upload it on my flash and install Win95

Because, why not?

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