Nuendo: Import multiple tracks altogether with correct timing

The story: I help to record some instruments in my home and then I would have to send all recordings to the studio to combine with other tracks.

The question: What is the best way how to import/export recorded tracks?

The easiest way how to import multiple tracks altogether is "import track archive"

One step back. What is track archive? When you do "Export multiple tracks", it creates separate folder with all your selected tracks and parts. One more thing what happens during exporting is Nuendo creates an xml file. This xml file is like a map which consists all information about in which track goes which sound file and in what time it starts. Basically, this is what you are going to import - this is track archive.

Browse to that xml file and open it.

Select all or few tracks from dialog box, choose whether you copy or use media directly from that folder (important, if you work with SSD drive, can speed things up a little bit when working with million tracks)

Press OK and here you go - all colors, extended information about fading and which parts are muted, etc. imported in Nuendo in other computer in different place.




退一萬步。什麼是跟踪檔案?當你“導出多個軌道”,它會創建單獨的文件夾,所有選定的曲目和部件。還有一件事的過程中會發生什麼出口是,Nuendo的創建一個XML文件。這個XML文件是一樣的地圖,其中包括軌道“的聲音文件,並在什麼時候開始的所有信息。基本上,這就是你要導入 - 這是軌道



按“確定”,在這裡你走 - 所有的顏色,擴展信息衰落和哪些部分是靜音等進口Nuendo的其他計算機在不同的地方。

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