Nuendo: Add keyboard shortcut to Normalize

 Under File -> Key Commands you can find/manage all keyboard shortcut commands.

Here I remap "N" from "Locate next event" to "Normalize", because I can do locating quite easy with mouse.

 Firstly I have to get rid of "N" for Locate Next event. Firstly in the field "Type in Key", type in the chosen key. Press "Select" and it will open up according function on the left panel and click on it. The function is selected and you can remove shortcut.
Now when you freed up chosen key, navigate to the function you want to give this key, type it in the "Type in Key" field and assign. The key will show up in "Keys" textbox.

在“文件” - >“鍵命令,你可以找到/管理所有的鍵盤快捷鍵命令。




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