Super Mario VST sampler

During the Christmas holidays I made this sampler dedicated to Super Mario from NES console game. This sampler actually has 3 versions.
The first one V1 was created as light edition consisting only parts from surface level (level 1-1, 1-3, etc), subsurface level (1-2, and similar) and dragon level (1-4, boss levels). All versions still misses water level theme (2-2). I hope to make them soon and put in all versions. It has almost all effects (getting coin, both jump sounds, etc).
The second version V2 was created as full library splitting smaller song parts by half and one measures. It also has effects and three rhythm loops. I found out that using full library is inconvenient and I made the last version - V3
This version has the same parts divided only by 2 measures. It also have 2 octaves long bassy chip generated tones, almost all of them extracted directly from raw song. Only few tones which were not able to get manually are realtime created altering pitch from closest sample.

Only for few - 3 or 4 raw samples the post-processing were made removing some chip (emulator) created noise which was annoying after sound normalization.

While it has no real purpose for this sampler, its still fun and nostalgic to play around with it.
I should make a exe version of it.

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