long term monthly mean over 100 years

MS Excel is one of the most popular spreadsheet programs in the world. It is possible to write nice macros in VBA, it is handy and mostly meet a usual user needs. For me it is very convenient data storage type - but when it comes to work with large data I prefer writing macros or using external modifying. And here comes Python, again. Ok, the problem:
I have an excel document with data in one sheet, ~19 columns and daily measurements for 100 year period ~34000 rows. The A column contains date, other 19 columns counting from B - values/measurements. And I need to calculate firstly the long term monthly mean normal values for each column (resulting 12 values for each month) and secondly - percentiles over these 19 columns.
The reading from excel is done using XLRD package and percentile calculating - using scipy stats . These two libraries should be installed additionally to run my class.
The created class is so-so complete with a lot of space for possible improvements; currently it met my needs and I`m ok with that.
The feeling of satisfaction after doing such work manually in excel or creating script is completely different, and in the latter case it`s more positive.
This class is free to use, but if you are using this class, please, make the reference to me and let me know about the project where it has been used.

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