Outsim Synthmaker v1.1.1.

It is very easy to build your own custom VSTi`s with this soft. It cames with good manual/tutorial where you can build a sample synth and also it has good wiki site.

I made sample synth and I was playing around it, and here I`ll build something more simple.

In the beginning I`m choosing midi input, and as I dont have any but keyboard, then I use it.

Next I`m adding two more modules - ASIO output (faster than usual ones, download here -> asio homepage) and midiToPoly. I enable PC Keyboard (it becomes red) and ASIO output (becomes blue) and connect Midi In to MidiToPoly.
I`m going to edit MidiToPoly module becouse I`ll use it as simple as I can. Double click on it and woala

There is a selector which selects frequency output type between normalized and usual one. Smaller red box shows playing classic note A and related frequencies. Larger red box shows primitives which I will delete, so I`ll directly connect Portamento frequency output to module output.
Now it becomes clear and simple.
And now - why did I delete that stuff? I want to add the sine wave oscilator primitive. And it needs normalized frequency. If it is so, then why should I use another converter to convert frequency to normalized or use that selector?
Almost finished - I`m adding stereo clip, which cuts mono values below 1 (because if it is above 1 it`s getting distorted)
And last modification - phase inverter using code. I`ll take one of StereoClip output and invert its phase using code textbox. Code textbox you can find under tab named "Other" or just search for "code"
And here it is. input has been taken and output is phase inverted source.

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