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In the last five months I have studied good practice of being a teacher in university. One (most important) task was to create a portfolio. In my experience I have heard this word describing The Face of different modern artists, mostly web designers and programmers, who are promoting their achievements; accumulating all their work in a world wide web thus showing their potential for their future employers.

Eventually during the course I took I realized that my blog/webpage is also a portfolio. I started this blog with the main idea to have a notes; pretty specific ones, maybe I am the only one who will need them, but I nailed myself that  time by time I am looking for some older posts to refresh myself - "how I solved that particular problem, what are the keywords, etc"

Even more, I organized my web not only for myself, not only for some five people in the world who are fighting similar problems I had, but I have also specified a part of the blog for... my work. As I work with students, they have to understand some complicated problems pretty often. I realized that Internet is full of ... well.. shit, but there are pearls hidden. Now I have specific part, where I am accumulating those pearls which explain those particular problems. Either it is some image, video, audio or just a explanatory text - this part has its value - all necessary things in one place.

This course I had - well, despite I already had some ideas in my mind how to organize and structure the work with my students - in the end it putted the dot on "i".

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