So this is it!

Tomorrow afternoon my family will take me to Suwalki. It`s 5 and half hours driving from Riga and about 380 km through Bauska, Panevezis, passing Kaunas, Marijampole.

The train from Suwalki to Katowice costs around 21 USD. It`s about 640 km and 10 hours going by train. Polish train timetable here. The train leaves at 20:48 local time (GMT +1) So i have to calculate exact time and time reserves. And here it is, the most difficult and popular travel question. Do I have add 1 hour if i`m heading from west to east, or subtract it. In this case I`ll try to think it in Polish time zone. In Poland - 20:00, in Latvia - 21:00. I have the train in 21:48 Latvian time, so i have one more hour and I could leave Latvia at around 15:30

From Katowice (early saturday morning) I`ll heading to south-west, to Brno through Ostrava, then to northwest, to Praha. I`m not sure which way should be better going to Praha, but it seems like motorway or highway, so I`ll use petrol station.  Google maps said that i should be there in 5-6 hours.

Hope to be in Praha in the mid of saturday. I should spend night there... And the next is my goal - Regensburg. About 3 hours, 250 km from Praha.

Meet me in the sunday afternoon somewhere in Regensburg (?)

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